Oops, I didn’t know I Couldn’t Talk About SEX…

Apparently, it’s still quite taboo in our society to talk about sex. This is rather news to me as I thought we were all past that, but apparently some still have some growing to do; possibly growing up? I’d like to say that if you were offended by my sex talk, you probably need to get laid, but recent reactions from my last post regarding sex makes me leery to do so.

Such fond memories as a child playing the “penis game”. A pointless display of child’s play where you try relentlessly and normally fruitlessly to embarrass your best friend by yelling penis louder and louder until someone gives up. However, lately I have found myself yelling penis in an effort not to embarrass you, but to free your mind of the black hole it’s currently residing in.

Sex is a magical and beautiful thing in a loving relationship. ¬†I am a firm believer that once you’re committed to someone, tested and safely parenthood planned, you should consider trying every dirty thing you’ve ever felt guilty for thinking. I mean, if you can’t get down and dirty with your soul mate, that you plan to spend the rest of your rotting bodies life with, then you may want to re-think that matrimony.

Some of the silly replies on got from my interview with scandalous women, really made me think most woman are stuck in the 50’s! Apparently, they missed the bra burning times during the 60’s somewhere along their lives. Women flopping around in their baggy t-shirts like armed soldiers with their bags full of ammo spewing directly into the eyes of the unwashed masses. Did those woman risk their breasts perky futures to no avail? Only to have future more privileged generations turn their nose up at those comfortable with their own sexuality? Well, I hope those of you that have a problem with speaking publicly on sex, that you loose sleep over the fact that your grandmothers paraded around proudly hard nippled for your right to do so. For shame.

Play with life folks, no one is judging but you.

On that note: PENIS, VAGINA, NIPPLE! Eat your heats out naysayers.

Free your mind and the rest will follow!