Rape Culture 

When people say we are living in a rape culture, they do not mean we live in a culture which advocates and accepts rapist.

They mean we live in a society where being assaulted isn’t first considered a crime, but a symptom of our own choices. 

 They mean we are living in a society where news papers can glorify the accused and re-victimize the victim. 

They mean victims can be brave and voice their assault, less they remember not to shower away the evidence and agree to being dragged through the mud publicly and reaptedly scrutinized for their choices which led to their inevitable “symptom”. Leaving them feeling dirty over and over. 

They mean that while others have been wrongfully accused and convicted of an array of crimes over the years, rape is somehow an “inflated”number. 

They mean that your entitled to your day in court,  but you, not the accused, will be on trial. In the court, in the media, in the public. 

They mean that we are asked to consider the future of the accused, but not that of the victim. 

They mean that we have a long long way to go. 

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