Residual Feelings

You know when you take a glass out of the washer and you’re expecting it to be totally clear, clean and ready to put away, but suddenly you notice ugly residue on it? Our feelings are much the same. Unfortunately, we can’t just wipe them clean and close the door on the matter. So, we end up with residual feelings that just stick around. Most of the time, we can mettle through and figure that a little residue never hurt anyone. However, as life goes on you’ll grow less and less tolerant of the taste and you’ll need to finally address it.


The only way to wipe the feelings clean is to face them right on. Stop holding uncomfortable feelings hostage and allow them to rise to the surface. Allow yourself to finally and truly feel them. Recognize how you feel them in your entire body and how you’re physically responding to them. Are your cheeks burning? Is your chest tight? Honor those feelings. Allow your amazing body to work through them in all it’s glory. Take deep breaths as you release the tension in your mind, body, heart and soul. You’ll be free from the restraint when you acknowledge those feelings instead of pushing them down and continuing to have the bad taste in your mouth. By honoring the memories and feelings, you can begin to release them with every exhale. Suddenly, you will welcome the memories, you will allow them to surface. You will be free.

What you will be left with is pure love and light. We are not meant to be a slave to our emotions. Accept them. Just as they are. Because they are a perfect reminder that we are, after all, only human. The more you resist this truth, the longer you’re held captive. Speak, breath, exhale, release.

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